Pro-Seven Soccer in the UK - Seven a side football leagues.


The Pro-Seven leagues have been set up by players who are passionate about the game and want to give something back to ameteur football, we offer a unique league that cannot be found anywhere else. What started as a group of players filming there games and producing stats on the matches for fun and interest has been turned into fully monitored leagues available to any player or team. Our goal is to give players like you what you want, so let us know how we can continue to improve your Pro-Seven league.



Tel:  07795 196876


League Format

There are 8 teams per league playing each other twice with a promotion and relegation battle applied to place teams against even opposition, the seasons will run for 14 weeks. normal small sided rules apply and are available at your request.


No more cramped football cages

The games are played on half a full sized pitch giving more space to play, making formation and tactics a key part of the game so make sure you get them right.


Times of Play

The games last approximately 40 mins with a quick change ends at half time to ensure games run on time. the first game kicks off at 7.20pm and the last game finishes at 10.00pm.



The games are organised, filmed and refereed by in house Pro-Seven staff to ensure the quality of the game, all you have to do is show up and score.



The premiership games are all filmed providing full games, highlights, showboats, best goals are all shown online with the option to purchase a copy of each game on DVD. Score that perfect goal and have proof to show! (only premiership games are filmed)



Every game in every league is monitored by additional staff to collect data and statistics of the game and the players. which can be viewed online eg shots, shots on target, fouls, corners and possession. along with each players rating for that game.



Players will be able to transfer between teams if requested by putting there profile on the transfer list on the league page and let other teams fight to sign them


Team History

Teams will build up a history over the seasons and full details will be displayed on there team website, showing the teams attributes, attacking, defence, speed, stamina etc. and also how many games they've played how many they have won, lossed, goals scored, conceded etc


Player Profiles

Each player will have there own profile giving true stats on the player showing appearances, goals, average rating, honours and key attributes. speed, passing, shooting, tackling, power and influence which will increase with every good performance. the profile will stay with the player for life, even if they change teams or league location.